Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Masking Tape Murals

This project is a favorite of my Beginning 2D students. We start out looking at and discussing the work of the graffiti artist, "Buff Diss." He creates amazing graffiti work using masking tape. The idea of temporary graffiti opens up a great discussion with students. What is graffiti? Is it ever ok? Is there such a thing as "good" graffiti? The students particularly enjoyed his works that interacted with the environment like these: (To see more of his work, click here.)


Inspired by Diss's work, my students created their own painter's tape murals that interacted with the school environment. (We used painter's tape instead of masking tape to avoid leaving adhesive on the floors and walls.) One of the greatest things about this project is the interest it creates. The reaction to their work is much different when their viewers are seeing the work as it's being created. My students love hearing others guess what their work is going to be. I love hearing, "What class does this project? I'm going to sign up next year!" 

"Does This Distract You?"- on dress code and stereotypes

"This is Not a Casino"- a statement on the recent ban on card playing

"The Walk of Shame"-several footprints going from a classroom to the office

"Optimal Learning Environment"-a statement on the restrictions imposed on students while in school

"Escape"-escaping the stress and pressure of school by "breaking out"

"The Million Dollar Pump"- on rising gas prices

"The Drugs Stop Here"-a discussion of the drug use at our school